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Derron Garvey, Master Social Worker, Infinity Mental Health, Maryland & Washington DC

Derron Garvey LMSW, LGSW, MSW, RRT

Master Social Worker

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Derron Garvey LMSW, LGSW, MSW, RRT

Master Social Worker

I work with clients facing major life adjustments. These changes can range from surgical procedures, change in mobility or family dynamics. With my experience working in the hospital and palliative care settings I am able to support the chronically ill and caregivers. I work with the current functioning and mobility to create interventions that can easily be implemented in daily life. Battling chronic conditions and caregiving for a loved one can often feel like there is no space for your own self care. These big life changes can feel overwhelming, isolating, scary, and stressful as there is a big ball of uncertainty in everyday life. Managing medications, therapies, tests, and other obligations can feel that the diagnosis is taking over. There may also be challenges in finding a safe person to talk about your anger, resentment of new role, “body betrayal”. In my work with clients, we create a foundation of trust and safety to bring the frustrations, anger, and even guilt. In sessions we work to process root issues and create strategies for change and uplifting. With respect to any physical abilities we create individualized treatment goals. Taking time for your mental health is just as much a priority as the physical health as our body and minds are connected. I hope that clients feel that therapy is a piece of their treatment. Our goal in therapy is to create peace of mind and a baseline to flourish.

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Spending time with my loved ones, family and dog- Bailey (german shepherd, lab mix)