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Saron Taye, Master Social Worker, Infinity Mental Health, Maryland & Washington DC

Saron Taye LMSW, MSW

Master Social Worker

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Saron Taye LMSW, MSW

Master Social Worker

I provide therapy to adults that are experiencing struggles in navigating their own identity and environment with cultural traditions/practice aka ‘clash of cultures’. Oftentimes, being the first generation American in your family can come with feelings of isolation, misunderstandings, and grief. You are experiencing two unique cultures at the same time, but in a very different way than maybe your parents. There is a heavy weight of familial responsibility and customs that you must navigate while also finding your own happiness. Your home practices may impact your ability to be open about your challenging thoughts and feelings with your parents, or even siblings.

Having a therapist that understands the struggle of independence and finding your own way with respect to an immigrant family is important. Some common feelings that can be experienced are anger, resentment, guilt, shame, and even anxiety and fear. Common family issues that arise are disownment, being marginalized, being misunderstood for neglecting your own culture. There are pieces of tradition that you value, and the pieces of American culture you appreciate. You should not feel ashamed, or belittled for it.

At times it may feel like there is a gap between you and your parents, or family back home. In therapy we work to develop a bridge that includes your identified boundaries, values and goals. In our work together we create a safe space to process these challenges. A judgment free zone to talk about the pain of being misunderstood or trying to change the relationships you have with family; addressing childhood trauma. Being able to work with a therapist that understands the importance of your context can create real life interventions for change. I use evidence-based practices to support your growth and healing for first generation Americans.

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